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Data Algebra™ is a highly flexible Algebra of Data™ that is directly derived from classical set theory. Algebraixlib is a Python library that provides constructs and facilities to harness the fundamentals of Data Algebra™. It is a universal model of data that is valid, viable, and versatile. Why is the technology so important? Read The Importance of Our Technology

The Algebra of Data™ project contains algebraixlib, sample code, IPython notebook tutorials, and documentation.

Getting Started

See Readme for installation and requirements. Don't want to set up Python environment? See our tutorials and examples hosted at


Algebraixlib project contains a comprehensive set of documentation describing both data algebra concepts and the API . The documentation is hosted at Read the Docs or visit our GitHub repo documentation to get introduced to the project.

Support or Contact

Post questions about algebraixlib on Stack Overflow using the tagalgebraixlib.

Algebraixlib is maintained by Algebraix® Data Corporation.

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